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2,200 Acres of prime beach property of private land registered in the State of Guerrero, Mexico.
Located in a strip of solid land between the Acapulco Ixtapa highway & having more than 9 miles of beach, lagoon and estuary front of soft white sand.
Target Listing Price: $600 Million Dollars "USD"
That's $272,727.27 Per Acre or $67.39 Per Square Meter
"BAHIAMAR is 9 Million Square Meters" More or Less & Has a Market Value of $79.00 to $100.00 Per Square Meter.

1st Choice Financial Inc

Is offering a Referral Fee In The Amount Of 1.5% of The Final Negotiated Sale Price To Anyone Who Refers a Buyer Who Completes A Final Closing On:

2,200 Acres Of Prime Oceanfront Property.

Listing Price: $600 Million Dollars "USD"

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The Sunset Ridge Project "The Vision"

The Sunset Ridge Project

486 ACRES OF PRIME MIXED USE DEVELOPMENT PROPERTY, No Zoning Restrictions; for Sale "$130 Million USD" Or BEST OFFER

Agents, brokers and consultants referring interested buyers/principles on the 486 acres will be paid a referral fee in the amount of $1,000,000.00 "One Million Dollars and Zero Cents for the referral of any interested principle(s)/Buyer(s) who completes a final closing purchase price.

Design plans for a proposed Mixed Use Development Project Included:
This property is idea for:
Mega Attractions – Commercial – Residential - Theme Park and amusement center - Commercial lease space - RV Park - Water Park – Restaurants – Condominiums – Regional Shopping Mall - Boutique Shopping centers - One or more High Rise Hotels - Movie Theater - Bowling Alley - Concert Amphitheater - Mini Golf - Multi-Purpose Sports Arena - Game Arcade - 1/4 Mile Drag Strip and NASCAR Race Track - Discretely located Mausoleum, etc.
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